Month: January 2013

Roda Gigante

flash animation for website. illustrations by Beatriz Carvalho. coding by ArteNinja. 2013 view website                           .

Valsa Nº 6

art direction, animation and compositing for video-scenery. illustrations by Beatriz Carvalho. 2012                         .

Pleio HealthWinks

direction, storyboarding and animation for animated web clips. scripts by Pleio Health Support Systems Inc. 2012                           .

Dinheiro no Bolso

2D animation for tv show opening credits. compositing by Audiovisualismo. 2011                         .

Natura Ekos

animation and compositing for institutional video. 2011, direction                         .

video mapping 3d MCB

3D modelling and animation for video mapping at Museu da Casa Brasileira – São Paulo. 2011                           .

Toda Beleza

animation and rendering of 3D elements for TV show opening credits. compositing by BijaRi. 2009                         .